East Tennessee Artist | 1921-1988
William G Watt was an artist from 1940-1987. During that time he produced and sold over 5000 works of art, mostly from his shop in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
Some of his earliest works were pen & ink drawings of Europe during World War II . It is believed that he made seven of these ink drawings while marching across the countryside as a corporal in the United States Army. Later, he had seven children, and each of his children were given one of the original drawings.
Most of his works found today are acrylic on canvas, often in a wood frame. Exploring different mood genres, Watt's painting subjects were often landscapes, Spanish ships at Sea, woodland animals, ancient ruins, wine, fruit or instruments.
Most of Watt's works are signed "William G Watt" but some are signed with a more simplified "W G Watt".
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